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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Re: [Komunitas AmiBroker] Isfandi Present afl.

//Isfandi Present for Amibroker Community 2010
_SECTION_BEGIN("Sup / Res Lines");
SRswitch = ParamToggle("Sup / Res Lines","On,Off");
CHLswitch = ParamToggle("Hi Low / Close","Hi Low,Close");
NoLines = Param("No of Lines",3,1,10,1);
Sen = Param("Sensitivity",5,1,100,1);
Rcolor=ParamColor( "Res Color", colorDarkGreen );
Rstyle=ParamStyle( "Res Style", styleLine );
Scolor=ParamColor( "Sup Color", colorBrown );
Sstyle=ParamStyle( "Sup Style", styleLine );
for( i = 1; i < NoLines+1 ; i++ )
x[i]=BarCount - 1 - LastValue(PeakBars(IIf(CHLswitch,C,H),Sen,i));
Line = LineArray( x[i], y[i], Null, y[i], 1 );
Plot( IIf(SRswitch,Null,Line), "", Rcolor, Rstyle );
x[i]=BarCount - 1 - LastValue(TroughBars(IIf(CHLswitch,C,L),Sen,i));
Line = LineArray( x[i], y[i], Null, y[i], 1 );
Plot( IIf(SRswitch,Null,Line), "", Scolor, Sstyle );

_SECTION_BEGIN("Detecting double tops and bottoms");
/* Detecting double tops and bottoms*/
percdiff = 5; /* peak detection threshold */
fwdcheck = 5; /* forward validity check */
mindistance = 10;
validdiff = percdiff/400;
PK= Peak( H, percdiff, 1 ) == High;
TR= Trough( L, percdiff, 1 ) == Low;
x = Cum( 1 );
XPK1 = ValueWhen( PK, x, 1 );
XPK2 = ValueWhen( PK, x, 2 );
xTR1 = ValueWhen( Tr, x, 1 );
xTr2 = ValueWhen( Tr, x, 2 );
peakdiff = ValueWhen( PK, H, 1 )/ValueWhen( PK, H, 2 );
Troughdiff=ValueWhen( tr, L, 1 )/ValueWhen( tr, L, 2 );
doubletop = PK AND abs( peakdiff - 1 ) < validdiff AND (Xpk1 -Xpk2)>mindistance AND High > HHV( Ref( H, fwdcheck ), fwdcheck - 1 );
doubleBot=tr AND abs( troughdiff - 1 ) < validdiff AND (Xtr1 -Xtr2)>mindistance AND Low < LLV( Ref( L, fwdcheck ), fwdcheck - 1 );
Buy = doubletop;
Sell = doublebot;
for( i = 0; i < BarCount; i++ )
if( Buy[i] ) PlotText( "Double TOP " , i, L[ i ], colorYellow );
if( Sell[i] ) PlotText( "Double BOT" , i, H[ i ], colorWhite );
WriteIf( Highest( doubletop ) == 1, "AmiBroker has detected some possible
double top patterns for " + Name() + "\nLook for green arrows on the price
chart.", "There are no double top patterns for " + Name() );
WriteIf(Highest( doublebot)==1,"AmiBroker has detected some possible double
bottom patterns for " + Name() + "\nLook for red arrows on the price
chart.", "There are no double bottom patterns for " + Name() );

_SECTION_BEGIN("Isfandi Technical Viewer");
//Plot(C,"",ParamColor( "Color", colorBlue ),ParamStyle("Style") );
//---- pivot points
GfxSetTextColor( colorGrey50 );
GfxSelectFont("Edwardian Script ITC", 25, 500, True );
GfxTextOut("Isfandi Present ", 760 , 0 );
DayH = TimeFrameGetPrice("H", inDaily, -1);// yesterdays high
DayL = TimeFrameGetPrice("L", inDaily, -1);//low
DayC = TimeFrameGetPrice("C", inDaily, -1);//close
DayO = TimeFrameGetPrice("O", inDaily);// current day open
HiDay = TimeFrameGetPrice("H", inDaily);
LoDay = TimeFrameGetPrice("L", inDaily);
PP = (DayH + DayL + DayO + DayO) / 4 ;
R1 = (2 * PP) - DayL;
S1 = (2 * PP) - DayH;
R2 = PP + R1 - S1;
S2 = PP + S1 - R1;
R3 = R2 + (R1 - PP);
S3 = S2 - (PP - S1);
radius = 0.1 * Status("pxheight"); // get pixel height of the chart and use 45% for pie chart radius
textoffset = 0.1 * radius;
GfxSelectFont("Arial", 9, 500, True );
GfxSetTextColor( colorGrey50 );
GfxTextOut("-- PIVOT POINT --", textoffset , 86 );
GfxSetTextColor( colorGrey50 );
GfxTextOut("-- SIGNAL --", textoffset , 188 );
GfxSetTextColor( colorGrey50);
GfxTextOut( "-- TREND --", textoffset ,286 );
GfxSelectFont("Arial", 9 );
GfxSetTextColor( colorGreen);
GfxTextOut( "R1 =" + R1, textoffset + 1, 120 );
GfxSetTextColor( colorLime );
GfxTextOut( "R2 = " +R2, textoffset + 1, 105 );
GfxSetTextColor( colorWhite );
GfxTextOut( "PP = " +PP, textoffset + 1, 135 );
GfxSetTextColor( colorOrange );
GfxTextOut( "S1 = " +S1, textoffset + 1, 150 );
GfxSetTextColor( colorRed );
GfxTextOut( "S2 = " +S2, textoffset + 1, 165 );
GfxSelectFont("Arial", 9 );
_SECTION_BEGIN("Elder Impulse");
GfxSelectFont("Arial", 9, 500, True );
// User-defined parameter for EMA periods
EMA_Type = Param("EMA-1, TEMA-2, JMA-3", 2, 1, 3, 1);
EMA_prds = Param("EMA_periods", 7, 1, 30, 1);
Std_MACD = Param("Standard MACD? No-0, Yes-1", 1, 0, 1, 1);
Plot_fashion = Param("Bar+Arrows-1, Impulse Bars-2", 2, 1, 2, 1);
// Allow user to define Weekly and Monthly Ribbon Location and Height
WR_P1 = Param("Weekly Ribbon Location", 5.2, -1000, 1000, 0.1);
WR_P2 = Param("Weekly Ribbon Height", 199, -0.001, 500, 0.1);
//MR_P1 = Param("Monthly Ribbon Location", 5.2, -1000, 1000, 0.1);
//MR_P2 = Param("Monthly Ribbon Height", 199, -0.001, 500, 0.1);
// Compute EMA and MACD Histogram
if(EMA_Type == 1)
DayEMA = EMA(Close, EMA_prds);
if (EMA_Type == 2)
DayEMA = TEMA(Close, EMA_prds);
Histogram = MACD() - Signal();
// Determine if we have an Impulse UP, DOWN or None
Impulse_Up = DayEMA > Ref(DayEMA, -1) AND Histogram > Ref(Histogram, -1);
Impulse_Down = DayEMA < Ref(DayEMA, -1) AND Histogram < Ref(Histogram, -1);
Impulse_None = (NOT Impulse_UP) AND (NOT Impulse_Down);
// Compute Weekly MACD and determine whether rising or falling
if (Std_MACD == 0)
MACD_val = MACD(5, Cool);
Signal_val = Signal(5, 8, 5);
MACD_val = MACD(12, 26);
Signal_val = Signal(12, 26, 9);
Hist_in_w = MACD_val - Signal_val;
wh_rising = Hist_in_w > Ref(Hist_in_w, -1);
wh_falling = Hist_in_w < Ref(Hist_in_w, -1);
wh_none = (NOT wh_rising) AND (NOT wh_falling);
// Now get Monthly MACD Histogram....
MACD_val = MACD(5, 8);
Signal_val = Signal(5, 8, 5);
Hist_in_m = MACD_val - Signal_val;
mh_rising = Hist_in_m > Ref(Hist_in_m, -1);
mh_falling = Hist_in_m < Ref(Hist_in_m, -1);
wh_rising = TimeFrameExpand( wh_rising, inWeekly, expandLast );
wh_falling = TimeFrameExpand( wh_falling, inWeekly, expandLast);
wh_none = TimeFrameExpand( wh_none, inWeekly, expandLast);
mh_rising = TimeFrameExpand(mh_rising, inMonthly, expandLast);
mh_falling = TimeFrameExpand(mh_falling, inMonthly, expandLast);
kol = IIf( wh_rising, colorBrightGreen, IIf(wh_falling, colorRed, IIf(wh_none, colorCustom11, colorLightGrey)));
mkol = IIf( mh_rising, colorBlue, IIf(mh_falling, colorYellow, colorLightGrey));
if (Plot_fashion == 1)
bar_kol = IIf(impulse_UP, colorBrightGreen, IIf(impulse_Down, colorRed, colorCustom11));
Impulse_State = WriteIf(Impulse_Up, "Bulllish", WriteIf(Impulse_Down, "Bearish", "Neutral"));
GfxSetTextColor( colorOrange );
GfxTextOut( "IMPULSE STATE = " +Impulse_State, textoffset + 1, 305 );
// Set the background color for Impulse Status Column
Impulse_Col = IIf(Impulse_Up, colorGreen, IIf(Impulse_Down, colorRed, colorGrey40));
// Determine Weekly Trend. Display as Text Column
Weekly_Trend = WriteIf(wh_rising, "Rising", WriteIf(wh_falling, "Falling", "Flat!"));
Weekly_Col = IIf(wh_rising, colorGreen, IIf(wh_falling, colorRed, colorLightGrey));
GfxSetTextColor( colorRed );
GfxTextOut( "WEEKLT TREND = " +Weekly_Trend, textoffset + 1, 323 );
// Determine Monthly Trend. Display as Text Column
Monthly_Trend = WriteIf(mh_rising, "Rising", WriteIf(mh_falling, "Falling", "Flat!"));
Monthly_Col = IIf(mh_rising, colorGreen, IIf(mh_falling, colorRed, colorLightGrey));
GfxSetTextColor( colorBlue );
GfxTextOut( "MONTHLY TREND = " +Monthly_Trend, textoffset + 1, 340 );
// Determine how many bars has the current state existed
bars_in_bull = Min(BarsSince(impulse_none), BarsSince(impulse_down));
bars_in_bear = Min(BarsSince(impulse_up), BarsSince(impulse_none));
bars_in_neut = Min(BarsSince(impulse_down), BarsSince(impulse_up));
// Set a single variable to show number of bars in current state depending upon
// actual Impulse Status - Bullish, Bearish or Neutral
bars_in_state = IIf(Impulse_Up, bars_in_bull, IIf(Impulse_down, bars_in_bear, bars_in_neut));
//weekly pivot
SetChartBkColor(16 ) ;
k=IIf(ParamList("select type","daily|next day")=="daily",-1,0);
day_h= LastValue(Ref(H,K));
day_l= LastValue(Ref(L,K));
day_c= LastValue(Ref(C,K));
// day
// DAY PIVOT Calculation
pd = ( DH+ DL + DC )/3;
sd1 = (2*pd)-DH;
sd2 = pd -(DH - DL);
sd3 = Sd1 - (DH-DL);
rd1 = (2*pd)-DL;
rd2 = pd +(DH -DL);
rd3 = rd1 +(DH-DL);
WriteVal( StochK(39) - StochK(12) );
GfxSelectFont("Arial", 8 );
GfxSelectFont("Arial", 9, 500, True );
periods = Param( "Periods", 15, 1, 200, 1 );
Ksmooth = Param( "%K avg", 3, 1, 200, 1 );
a = StochK( periods , Ksmooth);
Dsmooth = Param( "%D avg", 3, 1, 200, 1 );
b = StochD( periods , Ksmooth, DSmooth );
Buy = Cross( a, b );
Sell = Cross( b, a );
STOCH =WriteIf(a>b , "Up","Down");
GfxSetTextColor( colorLightOrange );
GfxTextOut( "Stochastic = " +STOCH, textoffset + 1, 239 );
GfxSelectFont("Arial", 8 );
_SECTION_BEGIN("Van K Tharp Efficient Stocks");
// Mark Keitel 12-05
// Van K Tharp Efficient Stocks
GfxSelectFont("Arial", 9, 500, True );
ATRD180 = ATR(180);
ATRD90 = ATR(90);
ATRD45 = ATR(45);
ATRD20 = ATR(20);
ATRD5 = ATR(5);
DifferenceD180 = Close - Ref(Close,-180);
DifferenceD90 = Close - Ref(Close,-90);
DifferenceD45 = Close - Ref(Close,-45);
DifferenceD20 = Close - Ref(Close,-20);
DifferenceD5 = Close - Ref(Close,-5);
EfficiencyD180 = IIf(ATRD180!=0,DifferenceD180/ATRD180,1);
EfficiencyD90 = IIf(ATRD90!=0,DifferenceD90/ATRD90,1);
EfficiencyD45 = IIf(ATRD45!=0,DifferenceD45/ATRD45,1);
EfficiencyD20 = IIf(ATRD20!=0,DifferenceD20/ATRD20,1);
EfficiencyD5 = IIf(ATRD5!=0,DifferenceD5/ATRD5,1);
Averageeff = (EfficiencyD180 + EfficiencyD90 + EfficiencyD45 +
EfficiencyD20 ) / 4;
//Plot( averageeff, "AvgEff", colorLightBlue, styleLine );
x = Param ( "Add Results to a Watchlist? Yes = 1, No = 2" , 2 , 1 , 2 , 1 ) ; // select whether to add results to watchlist or not
y = Param("Set Watchlist Number", 25, 2, 60,1); // sets the watchlist number, but reserves the first 2 and last 4 watchlists
// -------- Parameter Variables for Exploration --------------------------------
TCH = Param("High close value ", 20, 5, 300, 0.5);
TCL = Param("Low close value " , 5, 1, 10, 0.25);
AVP = Param("Period for Avg Vol " , 21, 10, 240, 1);
SV = Param("Stock minimum Avg Vol " , 125000, 50000, 1000000, 500000);
// -------------- Organize the exploration results ------------------------------------
P = Param("Period for Price Delta Comparisons", 1, 1, 120, 1);
P1 = Param("Period for Other Delta Comparisons", 3, 1, 120, 1);
PATR = Param("Period for ATR", 5,1,21,1);
PADX = Param("Period for ADX", 14, 3, 34,1);
PRSI = Param("Period for RSI", 13, 3, 34,1);
GfxSetTextColor( colorRed );
GfxTextOut( "RSI(14) = " + MOMETUM + ADX_TREND , textoffset + 1,223);
ADX_14 = ADX(14);
GfxSetTextColor( colorLightBlue );
GfxTextOut( "ADX_TREND = " +ADX_14+ ADX_TREND, textoffset + 1, 207 );
_SECTION_BEGIN("SmoothHeikin MA Swing");
GraphXSpace = 1;
k = Param("K", 1.5, 1, 5, 0.1);
Per = Param("ATR", 3, 1, 30, 0.50);
k1 = Optimize("K", 1, 0.1, 5, 0.1);
Per1 = Optimize("ATR", 3, 1, 30, 0.50);
HaOpen = AMA( Ref( HaClose, -1 ), 0.5 );
HaHigh = Max( H, Max( HaClose, HaOpen ) );
HaLow = Min( L, Min( HaClose, HaOpen ) );
//PlotOHLC( HaOpen, HaHigh, HaLow, HaClose, "" + Name(), colorBlack, styleCandle | styleNoLabel );

rfsctor = WMA(H-L, Per);

revers = k * rfsctor;

Trend = 1;
NW[0] = 0;

for(i = 1; i < BarCount; i++)
if(Trend[i-1] == 1)
if(j[i] < NW[i-1])
Trend[i] = -1;
NW[i] = j[i] + Revers[i];
Trend[i] = 1;
if((j[i] - Revers[i]) > NW[i-1])
NW[i] = j[i] - Revers[i];
NW[i] = NW[i-1];
if(Trend[i-1] == -1)
if(j[i] > NW[i-1])
Trend[i] = 1;
NW[i] = j[i] - Revers[i];
Trend[i] = -1;
if((j[i] + Revers[i]) < NW[i-1])
NW[i] = j[i] + Revers[i];
NW[i] = NW[i-1];


Plot(NW, "", IIf(Trend == 1, 27, 4), 4);
SWING =WriteIf(j > nw, "UPTREND","DOWNTREND");
GfxSetTextColor( colorGreen );
GfxTextOut( "SWING = " +SWING, textoffset + 1, 256 );
GfxSelectFont("Arial", 8 );
shape = Buy * shapeCircle + Sell * shapeCircle;
//PlotShapes( shape, IIf( Buy, colorGreen, colorOrange ), 0, IIf( Buy, Low-f, High+f));


_SECTION_BEGIN("Intraday MA Oprekan Isfandi");
Periods = Param("Periods", 15, 2, 200, 1, 10 );
Plot(CG, "MA",IIf(CG<=Low,ParamColor("Color_U", colorRed ),ParamColor("Color_D", colorOrange )), styleThick=13 );
Life_line= Sum(amv0,88)/Sum(Volume,88);
Plot( Life_line, "Life_line", ParamColor("Color", colorBlack ), ParamStyle("Style") );
Plot(support, "support_line", colorRed,styleThick=12);
Plot(FS, "", colorDarkGreen,styleThick=12);
("BW Fractal");
CondUpFractal =

Ref(H,-2)<H AND Ref(H,-1)<H AND Ref(H,1)<H AND Ref(H,2)<H) OR

Ref(H,-3)<H AND Ref(H,-2)<H AND Ref(H,-1)==H AND Ref(H,1)<H AND Ref(H,2)<H) OR

Ref(H,-4)<H AND Ref(H,-3)<H AND Ref(H,-2)==H AND Ref(H,-1)==H AND Ref(H,1)<H AND Ref(H,2)<H) OR

Ref(H,-4)<H AND Ref(H,-3)<H AND Ref(H,-2)==H AND Ref(H,-1)==H AND Ref(H,1)<H AND Ref(H,2)<H) OR

Ref(H,-6)<H AND Ref(H,-5)<H AND Ref(H,-4)==H AND Ref(H,-3)<H AND Ref(H,-2)==H AND Ref(H,-1)<H AND Ref(H,1)<H AND Ref(H,2)<H);

UpFractal =


CondDownFractal =

Ref(L,-2)>L AND Ref(L,-1)>L AND Ref(L,1)>L AND Ref(L,2)>L) OR

Ref(L,-3)>L AND Ref(L,-2)>L AND Ref(L,-1)==L AND Ref(L,1)>L AND Ref(L,2)>L) OR

Ref(L,-4)>L AND Ref(L,-3)>L AND Ref(L,-2)==L AND Ref(L,-1)==L AND Ref(L,1)>L AND Ref(L,2)>L) OR

Ref(L,-4)>L AND Ref(L,-3)>L AND Ref(L,-2)==L AND Ref(L,-1)==L AND Ref(L,1)>L AND Ref(L,2)>L) OR

Ref(L,-6)>L AND Ref(L,-5)>L AND Ref(L,-4)==L AND Ref(L,-3)>L AND Ref(L,-2)==L AND Ref(L,-1)>L AND Ref(L,1)>L AND Ref(L,2)>L);

DownFractal =




(Ref(UpFractal,2), "Up Fractal", ParamColor("Up Fractal Color",colorRed),
("Up Fractal Style", styleDashed));
(Ref(DownFractal,2), "Down Fractal",ParamColor("Down Fractal Color",colorBlue), ParamStyle("Down Fractal Style", styleDashed));
Plot(Max(HHV(H,3),Ref(UpFractal,2)), "Up Fractal", ParamColor("Up Fractal Color",colorRed), ParamStyle("Up Fractal Style", styleDashed));
Plot(Max(HHV(H,3),Ref(UpFractal,2)), "Down Fractal",ParamColor("Down Fractal Color",colorBlue), ParamStyle("Down Fractal Style", styleDashed));

GraphZOrder = 1;

_SECTION_BEGIN("Chart Settings");
p_color_bkgnd = ParamColor("Background color", colorBlack);
// for intraday, you probably don't want log... set default to be linear
p_logscale = ParamToggle("Axis type (control with this)", "Linear|Logarithmic", 0);
p_Colorbars = ParamToggle("Price display color?", "Mono|Color", 0);
p_PriceColor = ParamColor("Price mono color", colorBlack );
p_PriceStyle = ParamStyle("Price Style", styleThick);
StaticVarSet("L_color_bkgnd", p_color_bkgnd);
L_color_mono = p_PriceColor;

// change this later
if (IsNull(StaticVarGet("L_color_bkgnd"))) {
L_color_bkgnd = p_color_bkgnd;
} else {
L_color_bkgnd = StaticVarGet("L_color_bkgnd");

// We need to know whether we are log scale or not
// so set it ourselves then change the toggle the chart for log/linear and
// use the it for trendline calculations etc.
// If we had used the log/linear parameter on the "Axis and Grid menu"
// then we have to remember to change the log/linear calculation.
if (p_logscale == 1) {
SetChartOptions(2, chartLogarithmic, chartGridMiddle|chartGridMargins);
} else {
SetChartOptions(3, chartLogarithmic, !(chartGridMiddle|chartGridMargins));
Visiblebars = Status("barvisible");

_N(Title = StrFormat("{{NAME}} - {{INTERVAL}} {{DATE}} Open %g, Hi %g, Lo %g, Close %g (%.1f%%) Vol " +
WriteVal( V, 1.0 ) +"\n{{VALUES}}",
O, H, L, C, SelectedValue( ROC( C, 1 )) ));

// Start of variables used to control color of bars/indicators
BullishBar = H > Ref(H,-1) AND L > Ref(L,-1);
BearishBar = H < Ref(H,-1) AND L < Ref(L,-1);

if (p_Colorbars==1) {
PriceColor = IIf(BullishBar,colorLime,IIf(BearishBar,colorRed,colorBlue));
} else {
PriceColor = L_color_mono;
_N(Title = StrFormat("{{NAME}} - {{INTERVAL}} {{DATE}} Open %g, Hi %g, Lo %g, Close %g (%.1f%%) {{VALUES}}", O, H, L, C, SelectedValue( ROC( C, 1 ) ) ));
Plot( C, "Close", ParamColor("Color", colorYellow ), styleNoTitle | ParamStyle("Style") | GetPriceStyle() );
_SECTION_BEGIN("Volume Price Analysis - V.1.2");
DTL=Param("Linear regression period",60,10,100,10);
wbf=Param("WRB factor",1.5,1.3,2.5,.1);
nbf=Param("NRB factor",0.7,0.3,0.9,0.1);
TL=LinRegSlope(MA(C, DTL),2);
Vlp=Param("Volume lookback period",30,20,300,10);
St = StDev(Vrg,Vlp);
Vp3 = Vrg + 3*st;
Vp2 = Vrg + 2*st;;
Vp1 = Vrg + 1*st;;
Vn1 = Vrg -1*st;
Vn2 = Vrg -2*st;
Vl=V<Ref(V,-1) AND V<Ref(V,-2);
Vh=V>Ref(V,-1) AND Ref(V,-1)>Ref(V,-2);
Vb=V>Vrg OR V>Ref(V,-1);
mcls=x1<2.2 AND x1>1.8 ;
TLL=LinRegSlope(j,40) ;
Tlm=LinRegSlope(j,15) ;
utbar=wrb AND dcls AND tls>0 ;
utcond1=Ref(utbar,-1) AND dnbar ;
utcond2=Ref(utbar,-1) AND dnbar AND V>Ref(V,-1);
utcond3=utbar AND V> 2*Vrg;
trbar=Ref(V,-1)>Vrg AND Ref(upbar,-1) AND Ref(wrb,-1) AND dnbar AND dcls AND wrb AND tll>0 AND H==HHV(H,10);
Hutbar=Ref(upbar,-1) AND Ref(V,-1)>1.5*Vrg AND dnbar AND dcls AND NOT wrb AND NOT utbar;
Hutcond=Ref(Hutbar,-1) AND dnbar AND dcls AND NOT utbar;
tcbar=Ref(upbar,-1) AND H==HHV(H,5)AND dnbar AND (dcls OR mcls) AND V>vrg AND NOT wrb AND NOT Hutbar ;
Scond1=(utcond1 OR utcond2 OR utcond3) ;
scond=scond1 AND scond2;
stdn0= tll<0 AND V>Ref(V,-1) AND Ref(dnbar,-1) AND upbar AND (ucls OR mcls) AND tls<0 AND tlm<0;
stdn= V>Ref(V,-1) AND Ref(dnbar,-1) AND upbar AND (ucls OR mcls) AND tls<0 AND tlm<0;
stdn1= tll<0 AND V>(vrg*1.5) AND Ref(dnbar,-1) AND upbar AND (ucls OR mcls)AND tls<0 AND tlm<0;
stdn2=tls<0 AND Ref(V,-1)<Vrg AND upbar AND vhcls AND V>Vrg;
bycond1= stdn OR stdn1;
bycond= upbar AND Ref(bycond1,-1);
stvol= L==LLV(L,5) AND (ucls OR mcls) AND V>1.5*Vrg AND tll<0;
ndbar=upbar AND nrb AND Vl AND dcls ;
nsbar=dnbar AND nrb AND Vl AND dcls ;
nbbar= C>Ref(C,-1) AND Vl AND nrb AND x1<2;
nbbar= IIf(C>Ref(C,-1) AND V<Ref(V,-1) AND V<Ref(V,-2) AND x1<1.1,1,0);
lvtbar= vl AND L<Ref(L,-1) AND ucls;
lvtbar1= V<Vrg AND L<Ref(L,-1) AND ucls AND tll>0 AND tlm>0 AND wrb;
lvtbar2= Ref(Lvtbar,-1) AND upbar AND ucls;
dbar= V>2*Vrg AND dcls AND upbar AND tls>0 AND tlm>0 AND NOT Scond1 AND NOT utbar;
eftup=H>Ref(H,-1) AND L>Ref(L,-1) AND C>Ref(C,-1) AND C>=((H-L)*0.7+L) AND rg>arg AND V>Ref(V,-1);
eftupfl=Ref(eftup,-1) AND (utbar OR utcond1 OR utcond2 OR utcond3);
eftdn=H<Ref(H,-1) AND L<Ref(L,-1) AND C<Ref(C,-1) AND C<=((H-L)*0.25+L) AND rg>arg AND V>Ref(V,-1);
//-- Script Start -------
Option = ParamToggle("Insert To", "Price Chart|Indicator");

pr=Param("Elliot Wave minimum % move",2, 0.001,100);

//{ Beginner Elliot Wave stuff }

//{ Intermediate Elliot Wave stuff }

//{ Advanced Elliot Wave stuff }

if (Option==0)
Plot(EW, "EW", ParamColor("Color", colorPaleGreen), ParamStyle("Style", styleNoLabel|styleThick));

//{ Buy/Sell Elliot Wave stuff }

//{ Plot on own window }

Plot(EWbuy-EWsell, "EW2", ParamColor("Color", colorPaleGreen), ParamStyle("Style", styleNoLabel|styleThick));

//-- Script End -------
Vpc= utbar OR utcond1 OR utcond2 OR utcond3 OR stdn0 OR stdn1 OR stdn2 OR stdn OR lvtbar1 OR Lvtbar OR Lvtbar2 OR Hutbar OR Hutcond OR ndbar OR stvol OR tcbar;
if( Status("action") == actionCommentary )
printf ( "=========================" +"\n"));
printf ( "VOLUME PRICE ANALYSIS" +"\n");
printf ( "" +"\n");
printf ( "=========================" +"\n");
printf ( Name() + " - " +Interval(2) + " - " + Date() +" - " +"\n"+"High-"+H+"\n"+"Low-"+L+"\n"+"Open-"+O+"\n"+
"Close-"+C+"\n"+ "Volume= "+ WriteVal(V)+"\n");
WriteIf(utbar , "Up-thrusts are designed to catch stops and to mislead as many traders as possible.
They are normally seen after there has been weakness in the background. The market makers know that the
market is weak, so the price is marked up to catch stops, encourage traders to go long in a weak market,
AND panic traders that are already Short into covering their very good position.","")+
WriteIf(utcond3,"This upthrust bar is at high volume.This is a sure sign of weakness. One may even seriously
consider ending the Longs AND be ready to reverse","")+WriteIf(utbar OR utcond3," Also note that A wide spread
down-bar that appears immediately after any up-thrust, tends to confirm the weakness (the market makers are
locking in traders into poor positions).
With the appearance of an upthrust you should
certainly be paying attention to your trade AND your stops. On many upthrusts you will find that the market will
'test' almost immediately.","")+WriteIf(utcond1 , "A wide spread down bar following a Upthrust Bar.
This confirms weakness. The Smart Money is locking in Traders into poor positions","");
WriteIf(utcond2 , "Also here the volume is high( Above Average).This is a sure sign of weakness. The Smart Money is
locking in Traders into poor positions","")+WriteIf(stdn, "Strength Bar. The stock has been in a down Trend. An upbar
with higher Volume closing near the High is a sign of strength returning. The downtrend is likely to reverse soon. ","")+
WriteIf(stdn1,"Here the volume is very much above average. This makes this indication more stronger. ","")+
WriteIf(bycond,"The previous bar saw strength coming back. This upbar confirms strength. ","")+
WriteIf(Hutbar," A pseudo Upthrust. This normally appears after an Up Bar with above average volume. This looks like an upthrust bar
closing down near the Low. But the Volume is normally Lower than average. this is a sign of weakness.If the Volume is High then weakness
increases. Smart Money is trying to trap the retailers into bad position. ","")+
WriteIf(Hutcond, "A downbar after a pseudo Upthrust Confirms weakness. If the volume is above average the weakness is increased. ","")+
WriteIf(Lvtbar2,"The previous bar was a successful Test of supply. The current bar is a upbar with higher volume. This confirms strength","")+
WriteIf(dbar,"A wide range, high volume bar in a up trend closing down is an indication the Distribution is in progress. The smart money
is Selling the stock to the late Comers rushing to Buy the stock NOT to be Left Out Of a Bullish move. ","")+
WriteIf(Lvtbar2,"The previous bar was a successful Test of supply. The current bar is a upbar with higher volume. This confirms strength","")+
WriteIf(tcbar,"The stock has been moving up on high volume. The current bar is a Downbar with high volume. Indicates weakness and probably end of the up move","")+
WriteIf(eftup,"Effort to Rise bar. This normally found in the beginning of a Markup Phase and is bullish sign.These may be found at the top of an Upmove as the Smart money makes a
last effort to move the price to the maximum","")+
WriteIf(eftdn,"Effort to Fall bar. This normally found in the beginning of a Markdown phase.","")+
WriteIf(nsbar,"No Supply. A no supply bar indicates supply has been removed and the Smart money can markup the price. It is better to wait for confirmation","")+
WriteIf(stvol,"Stopping Volume. This will be an downbar during a bearish period closing towards the Top accompanied by High volume.
A stopping Volume normally indicates that smart money is absorbing the supply which is a Indication that they are Bullishon the MArket.
Hence we Can expect a reversal in the down trend. ","")+
WriteIf(ndbar, "No Demand
Brief Description:
Any up bar which closes in the middle OR Low, especially if the Volume has fallen off,
is a potential sign of weakness.
Things to Look Out for:
if the market is still strong, you will normally see signs of strength in the next few bars,
which will most probably show itself as a:
* Down bar with a narrow spread, closing in the middle OR High.
* Down bar on Low Volume.","");

if( Status("action") == actionIndicator )
Title = EncodeColor(colorWhite)+ "Volume Price Analysis" + " - " + Name() + " - " + EncodeColor(colorRed)+ Interval(2) + EncodeColor(colorWhite) +
" - " + Date() +" - " +EncodeColor(colorLime)+ "Volume= "+WriteVal(V)+"--"+EncodeColor(colorYellow)+"\n"+
WriteIf (utbar, " An Upthrust Bar. A sign of weakness. ","")+
WriteIf (utcond1, " A downbar after an Upthrust. Confirm weakness. ","")+
WriteIf (utcond2 AND NOT utcond1, " A High Volume downbar after an Upthrust. Confirm weakness.","")+
WriteIf (utcond3, "This upthrust at very High Voume, Confirms weakness","")+
WriteIf (stdn1, "Strength seen returning after a down trend. High volume adds to strength. ","")+
WriteIf (stdn0 AND NOT stdn, "Strength seen returning after a down trend. ","")+
WriteIf (stdn AND NOT stdn1, "Strength seen returning after a long down trend. ","")+
WriteIf (Lvtbar, "Test for supply. ","")+
WriteIf (Lvtbar2, "An Upbar closing near High after a Test confirms strength. ","")+
WriteIf (bycond, "An Upbar closing near High. Confirms return of Strength. ","")+
WriteIf (dbar, "A High Volume Up Bar closing down in a uptrend shows Distribution. ","")+
WriteIf (Hutbar, "Psuedo UpThrust. A Sign of Weakness. ","")+
WriteIf (Hutcond, "A Down Bar closing down after a Pseudo Upthrust confirms weakness. ","")+
WriteIf (Lvtbar1, "Test for supply in a uptrend. Sign of Strength. ","")+
WriteIf (stdn2, "High volume upbar closing on the high indicates strength. ","")+
WriteIf (Tcbar, "High volume Downbar after an upmove on high volume indicates weakness. ","")+
WriteIf (ndbar, "No Demand. A sign of Weakness. ","")+
WriteIf (nsbar, "No Supply. A sign of Strength. ","")+
WriteIf (eftup, "Effort to Rise. Bullish sign ","")+
WriteIf (eftdn, "Effort to Fall. Bearish sign ","")+
WriteIf (eftupfl, "Effort to Move up has failed. Bearish sign ","")+
WriteIf (stvol, "Stopping volume. Normally indicates end of bearishness is nearing. ","")+
("\n Volume: ")+WriteIf(V>Vp2,EncodeColor(colorLime)+"Very High",WriteIf(V>Vp1,EncodeColor(colorLime)+" High",WriteIf(V>Vrg,EncodeColor(colorLime)+"Above Average",
WriteIf(V<Vrg AND V>Vn1,EncodeColor(colorRed)+"Less than Average",WriteIf(V<Vn1,"Low","")))))+
(EncodeColor(colorYellow)+"Spread: ")+WriteIf(rg >(arg*2),EncodeColor(colorLime)+" Wide",WriteIf(rg>arg,EncodeColor(colorLime)+" Above Average",EncodeColor(colorRed)+" Narrow"))+
(EncodeColor(colorYellow)+"Close: ")+WriteIf(Vhcls,EncodeColor(colorLime)+"Very High",WriteIf(ucls,EncodeColor(colorLime)+"High",WriteIf(mcls,EncodeColor(colorYellow)+"Mid",
WriteIf(dcls,EncodeColor(colorRed)+"Down","Very Low"))))+
("\n Trend: ")+WriteIf(tls>0,EncodeColor(colorLime)+" Short Term-UP",EncodeColor(colorRed)+" Short Term-Down")+
WriteIf(tlm>0,EncodeColor(colorLime)+"MID Term-UP",EncodeColor(colorRed)+"Mid Term-Down")+
WriteIf(tll>0,EncodeColor(colorLime)+"Long Term-Up",EncodeColor(colorRed)+"Long term-Down"));

terima kasih pak Isfandi karya yang luar biasa . sepertinya ada masalah di afl swingline nya pak ,mungkin ada dllnya  .
mohon ijin
saya coba rubah sedikit supaya bisa jalan di AMI  saya .
jadinya beda sih  kalau asli dari pak Isfandi sigzaglinenya  dua warna  yang saya satu warna .
terpaksa deh satu warna dulu,sementara nunggu Afl dari pak Isfandi.
he he maklum saya cuma tambal sulam .
untuk yang belum bisa jalan aflnya ,ini saya edit  tapi jadinya beda .
semoga berguna

2010/9/19 Kenzie Sebastian <kenziesr@yahoo.co.id>

Terima kasih pak Isfandi udah sharing afl-nya. Sayangnya saya lg jauh dari laptop kesayangan saya. Lg dalam perjalanan menuju kota besar :D Once, saya udah berhadapan dg laptop, akan saya pelajari afl-nya pak...

Mudah2an selalu cuan setiap saat ya pak...

Salam, KSR.

Powered by Telkomsel BlackBerry®

Date: Sat, 18 Sep 2010 15:08:17 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: [Komunitas AmiBroker] Isfandi Present afl.


Dear All,

Saya mau berbagi kpd semua rekan AB disini, lantaran selama ini saya tumbuh dan belajar disini, AFL ini adl hasil jerih payah saya selama belajar (mohon maaf kl dibawah standard anda), patut saya akui Amibroker msh yg terbaik dan milist asuhan Pak Dendo ini byk memberi manfaat pd kita semua sehingga kita pd waktunya akan berhenti bertanya kpd teman mana saham yg bagus, seiring dgn keahlian kita yg terus berkembang. afl ini bukan yg top markotop ibarat bumi dgn langit saya msh ingin trs belajar dr para pendahulu, dulu awal saya belajar dari postingan Pak Eco (MACD zerolag) juga postingan Pak Eko W ttg revisi afl., Pak Hok1 cara buat chart yg perfect dan tentunya Pak Alfatih yg mahir menarik garis.  

Konsep afl ini secara teknis dibuat sesederhana mungkin,  semoga bisa mengakomodir trend cycle secara keseluruhan (mengcapture bagan yg lbh besar), dimana pd montly trend adl saham yg bergerak dibawah/diatas MA200 (resiko pertumbuhannya agak terbatas, kecuali sdh breakout), weekly trend utk melihat secondary trend dan impulse state adl short growth bar. utk signal cepat dan pendek saya hanya memilih ADX,RSI,Stoch (MACD sdh terakumulasi pd formula Impulse) dan Swing sbg pembanding dan konfirmasi. result-nya saya coba terjemahkan dlm bahasa yg mudah dimengerti tdk dlm angka2 rasio. detecting double top/bottom juga menjadi reminder yg muncul pd chart. dan bbrp hal2 lain yg tertuang pd afl ini, silahkan set pd parameters, baca aturan pakai dan silahkan tes selalu dgn bar reply nantinya anda akan tau sendiri impactnya dr settingan anda (komponen dan isi afl saya catatkan). tambahan indicator saya pilih utk menseleksi saham yg pertumbuhannya diatas IHSG sehingga saya tau resikonya dan didlmya saya gunakan jam spy gak telat mau buang barang ya.. :)
Ide awal pembuatan afl ini juga mencoba mendekati agar pertimbangan investasi saya bisa matang dan mudah2an dapat mengakomodir kondisi terhadap kebutuhan whole technical view dlm berbagai term and condition yg dihadapi, dalam sisi yg lain keputusan yg bijak dlm berinvestasi sebaiknya juga mempertimbangkan term of investment, fund alocation dan tentunya konsekwensi resiko.
sekedar sharing bahwa menurut pemahaman saya term of investment. patut memperbandingkan dgn acuan investasi lainnya, jd jika acuannya adl harga emas/bunga deposito per thn maka anda jgn cemas jika saat ini anda loss,  msh ada sekian bulan mendatang anda dpt membuat profit utk melebihi angka pertumbuhan investasi lainnya tsb, jika hasilnya dibawahnya maka sebaiknya stop dan belajar lebih banyak utk saat yg tepat nanti kita kembali lagi (saran loh..). tp kl saya minimal benchmarknya inflasi yoy aja krn uang kita hrsnya susut dlm sethn 12% (+/-) kl kita bisa perform manage fund 12% pa. itu artinya kita baru sekedar mempertahankan agar uang kita tdk terdepresiasi jika di future value.
fund alocation dlm bahasa saya di asset mgnt adl money/cash management adl rules of alocation fund, dimana 100% modal digunakan utk belanja sbs 70%, 25% utk buffer dan 5% adl cash atau setara cash. dari alokasi belanja 70% ditempatkan pd tiap2 saham hanya max 10%. sedangkan trading management diartikan sebagai kesempatan utk mendpt income tambahan dr intraday, scalp, short dgn memanfaatkan posisi porto dlsb.  
risk, semua invetasi pasti punya resiko namun dlm hal saham pilihlah saham2 yg punya pertumbuhan yg baik, misalnya saham2 syariah, LQ-45 atau saham lainnya yg pertumbuhannya diatas IHSG. maksudnya kurangi memilih saham yg membuat moving average jadi kriting, nah.. MA/indicator aja kriting apalagi kita? pasti pusing ya...?

mengenai trading for living, perpektif saya itu suatu yg indah tp saya patut mempertimbangkan dulu berapa kebutuhan dapur saya tiap bulan, jika saya membutuhkan 10jt/bln, dan jika keberhasilan mengelola saham bisa mencapai rata2 5%/bln, maka modal bersih trading saya hrs ada 200jt. nah.. kl kemampuan manage-nya cuma 1/2nya maka modalnya hrs 400jt. itupun diluar dana cadangan lainnya bila anak sakit dlsb. tp ini logika saya aja loh...

finally, it's so hard to do blessing, but firstly try to learn to gave that what you have.

Bonus : Elliot Wave afl. and Pdf.(dulu saya pernah janji ke Pak Timur), tips; use the parameters period for looking long or short wave

Komponen afl :

Volume Price Analysis - V.1.2
- we can learn use the bar reply and looking what the result at screen
Detecting double tops and bottoms
- this request from Mr. Tjhai ever, I thinked so hard
  for how make how write can showed, sorry am still student now
- ussualy after this signal out price will be move fast ya..?
Sup / Res Lines
- give information for last high and lowest price ever done
- Number of Line set 3 or more
Technical Viewer
- so many indicator if we want to put in one of chart wall, so..?
  now you just can easy read it for short, mid or long condition
  cycle of stock chart and also PIVOT range.
SmoothHeikin MA Swing
- better set at numb 4, it's up to you..
- this ATR line give information a broken close price faster than BW
  fractal (blue dashed)
MA Oprekan
- warning signal when the line showed a red color, you wanna buy at that time?
BW Fractal
- First inspiration from Mr. Timur (good people) but am make rather width ratio.
  and there is additional condition, where we have new signal (yellow hollowcircle),
  for looking Peak and Trough (the signal type is rather late or after
  it know the confirmation, not bad lah...?)  
Chart Settings
- My inspiration from Mr. kenzie, where some member asking about when exit/entry sir?
  now you can set at parameters (Swing line item), use pivot signal (rather late) or
  detected pivot (it is current signal will showing you..).
Zigzag  or Stairs
- ST Swing, Normaly at 7, rather fast is 4
  (before set ST plot swing line color is YES and
  select Detected Pivot)
  if you select Pivot at Type of plot better you
  set number 6 on ST swing.
Relative Performance Comparable[%]
- we can compared growth IHSG with each your stock portfolio
- I provide information on hours on the indicator,
  so you know when at 10:30 am and 4 pm prices are usually
  a little bit weaker, so..? your good time to buy
Color Design
- I make coloring so as comfortable to our eyes

Thank to many members here, am so much learned from you all......





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